Cigar Aficionado is a persona who enjoys smoking cigars and cigar accessories

Aren’t you tired of searching the website looking for cigar aficionado’s information, and getting nothing but a magazine’s website by the same name?

Cigar aficionados are as old as the first cigar was ever smoked, and we are not even talking Columbus old here. For many reasons, the cigar realm is as broad as cigar types and cigar accessories there are. By definition, the cigar aficionado is an enthusiast and connoisseur of the cigar culture. Hi knows his data about cigar accessories, attitudes, tastes and best combinations to enjoy one of the many pleasures of life.

The cigar culture seems to have always appealed to classy people. I can easily picture a business man driving his Mustang Convertible, the men smoking cigars as he heads towards the annual work barbecue. That’s the life of an aficionado. Nonetheless, even when this concept connotes certain degree of sophistication and elegance, the real aficionado stands beyond social trends and popular behavior.

If you are the type that likes going to cigar bars and cigar restaurants, then you mind be heading towards the correct direction. Don’t be slick though, there are some pointers you might wanna be aware of. In order to call yourself a cigar aficionado you require to have a broad sense of the smoking cigars institution, which requires years of wise tobacco use and development of a sensitive palate.

Think of cigar aficionados as evolutionary beings, a smoking homo erectus if you will… First, they started hunting and gathering for a simple smoke, and now they are building up complex networks of cigar accessories, fine cigars and more. Usually, the novice smoker lingers within the mildest type of cigars. As his taste learns to recognize and accept other flavors, he might want to experience with heavier, richer and fuller-bodied cigars.

As I mentioned before, being a real cigar aficionado goes beyond the cigar itself. It is an entire lifestyle. The aficionado brags about knowing the perfect combination to better enjoy his favorite pass time with his best partner in crime.

What I really enjoy about being an aficionado is to find a place for my own, to be involved in activities with people with my same interest, and to share knowledge with others that truly appreciate men smoking cigars.

What I believe to be the most important part of it all is that you as a smoker will eventually start to develop your own individual taste. You will learn to know your likes and dislikes. You don’t need to act like a Hugh Hefner or a Pierce Brosnan to start calling yourself a cigar aficionado. I bet that you already have what it takes to start clipping a Corona from your best selection!