Best Cigars & Fiine Cigars. Everything an aficionado needs to know

The evolution of the smoking cigars culture, best cigars and cigar accessories is long and has undergone a very deafening experimental process. Fortunately for us, we don’t smoke the same cigars that Indians used to smoke hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, cigars are carefully crafted and meticulously tested to satisfy the discerning palate.

In this article, we will leave aside all cigar accessories conversations to go into more detailed facts regarding best cigars, fine cigars and cigar brands. It is a long and interesting reading, so get comfortable and get started.

Bolivar: Crafted in Cuba, this cigar is rich in flavor, has a full body and combines the best tobaccos from Central America and the Caribbean. You can find these fine cigars under the names of Bolivar Corona Junior or plain Bolivar Corona.

Cohiba: Its names stands for cured tobacco leaves in ancient Dominican Republic. The Cohiba Corona Especial or Cohiba Mini Cigarrillos as we know them today, took many years to be developed. Their flexible flavor combines a rich Indonesian wrapper with smooth Dominican leaves.

Montecristo: This name stands on its own. It is one of the most popular cigars in the market, and not in vain I must say. Montecristo’s spicy flavor is a referral in the popular category of best cigars, which are Cuban cigars.

Fonseca: Featuring a pleasant flavor and a mild body, Fonsecas are recommended for novice smokers, not only for their creamy fillers and mild flavor, but also for the inexpensive price. You couldn’t really expect any less from Dominican fine cigars.

Partagas: Holding one of the most recognizable names in the industry, Partagas Chicos and Partagas Corona Senior are premium brands amassed with full flavors and rich centenary history.

Hoyo de Monterrey: Since 1820, Hoyo de Monterey has delivered first class sun-cured cigars.  Smoking cigars and particularly the selection that includes Hoyo de Monterrey de Princess and Hoyo de Monterrey Churshill is an exquisiteness for the connoisseur.

H.Upmann: Known for its medium body, the H. Upmann also combines Indonesian leaves and the best tobacco production from the traditional Cuban fields. It provides a sweet end taste for those that appreciate smoking cigars at its highest.

Romeo y Julieta: Even though the manufacturer started out to please the local Cuban demand, the Romeo y Julieta have become one of the most smoked fine cigars worldwide. Displaying one of the largest and most complete collections, these cigars offer a consistent and fully flavored taste.

Saint Luis Rey: Saint Luis Rey presents a rich aroma and a medium to full bodied mixture of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Peruvian tobaccos and oils. San Luis Rey Regios selection and your favorite cigar accessories are waiting for you.

Ramon Allones: Priorly owned by the manufacturers of Partagas, these Spain-harvested best cigars remain faithful to their original flavor. Their unique branding, labeling and boxing definitely sets them apart from the rest of premium cigars.